South Carolina farmhouse has wonderful interior

When Ken Pursley, an architect in Charlotte, N.C., redesigned a family's weekend getaway farmhouse in South Carolina, he made sure it contained plenty of natural light and rustic materials. The owners wanted the new home to embrace the surrounding farmland, but they weren't interested in a log cabin. Instead, they wanted an open floor plan with simple details that reflected the landscape.
Pursley decided to focus on designing the home with wood, tin and rope. The three-story home is made of stained cedar, and Pursley added as many windows as possible in order to keep the house connected to the outdoors.
Inside, the sitting room has crystal-paned doors that blend in with the floor-to-ceiling windows. The owners opted for neutral, casual decor so that the magnificent scenery could take center stage.
Inside, the most striking element of the house is the central staircase, which Pursley built with rope banisters. “The rope made the house feel a little more humble and a little more playful,” he told Garden and Gun.
He also found a catfish trap on the property and turned it into the chandelier that now hangs over the dining table. A large, rustic wood table can easily fit the family of seven.
If you follow the rope staircase all the way to the third floor, you'll find the bunk area for the family's five children. The room houses six built-in beds, three on each side. 
Each bunk has its own reading light and privacy curtain. “So much architecture has gotten vanilla, but this is something you’ll remember uniquely to this house,” Pursley told Garden and Gun. “If you grow up here, you’ll always have fond memories of this bunk room nook, of cuddling up and reading a book.”
The bathrooms' shower doors are barn doors on tracks, and even the shower walls are made of wood. The bathroom also features plenty of sinks so the kids can avoid morning traffic jams.
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