Enter a completely restored farmhouse with a cleverly thought-out guest bedroom

Tanya Clark and her partner have transformed this simple 1940s farmhouse into their forever home. After perusing the photos below, you will find that Clark's moniker for her Instagram feed, Fresh Made Farmhouse, is perfect. Her selection of colorful textiles paired with neutral furnishings and walls is so carefully designed that you would think she spends her days as an interior designer. Clark is actually a nurse by trade who, in her spare time, enjoys painting, repurposing and styling her home. What a great place to return to after a busy, and likely stressful, day tending to the needs of others. 
A great aspect of Clark's style is that it is truly accessible for those who have fallen in love with that rustic appeal. She effectively, and tastefully, transforms found pieces, dated countertops and simple rooms with a little elbow grease and a careful eye. This is just one of the reasons why her Instagram feed boasts over 24,000 followers.
The minty green of the home's front door pairs beautifully with the soft tan walls and one of Clark's beloved pets.
The staircase features a unique paint treatment that mimics the look of vintage grain sacks.
A tiny corner in the entrance is transformed into a perfect vignette with a bright blue accent table and vintage-themed clock.
With some oil stain, glossy enamel paint, clear sealer and a lot of sanding, Clark transformed her dated countertops into the crisp, white workspace seen above.
In the kitchen, floating shelves were installed above a section of cabinetry to add the opportunity for a few colorful accents.
The skirted detail and overstuffed appeal of this sectional is ideal for the relaxed aesthetic of the living room.
Above this gorgeous console table, well-worn pallets have been converted to provide shelving for the display of wine bottles.
An industrial light, hung in the opening between the kitchen and living room, provides light for this impromptu office space.
Original hardwood flooring and a shiplap wall application add to the rustic charm of this sweet seating area.
The wood-trimmed mirror above the bathroom vanity references the rustic wood accents seen throughout the home.
The guest room doubles as a much-needed craft room.  The vintage dresser provides a pop of color and extra storage for this multipurpose space.
The white-washed headboard in the master bedroom absolutely pops against the deep navy accent wall.
In a small bathroom, a ladder can provide extra storage while acting as a functional decorative element, as seen above.
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