See how history reinvents itself at Pendelton Farm

Pendelton Farm once housed a single-storied homestead overlooking the Blackland Prairie in Texas. After 30 years of country life in the old 1930s farmhouse, the owners were ready to invest in more space to accommodate their growing multi-generational family. Architect Tim Cuppett had to decide whether to expand on the existing structure or to re-invent history. 
The results are surprising! The architect managed to construct a spacious, traditional-looking structure under the hood of modern design. When seen from afar, the Pendelton farmhouse looks like a classic prairie home. But half-shielded with trees is the brick porch expansion and an enormous hand-built barn.
As seen from the outside, this screened-in porch is a new addition and doubles as its own room. In the shade of its wide, galvanized awnings, family members enjoy the country air and spacious views to the North and South.
The family's youngest addition will soon enjoy running down the long entrance hallway. The black French doors on the right lead to the interior and are one of the many modern touches that make it difficult to pigeonhole the Pendelton house into any single genre.
This terracotta contrast wall lovingly reuses old clay bricks from the original house. The large fireplace creates a welcoming focal point for family gatherings, while the lone porch swing makes a cozy place to cuddle up.
This natural-toned kitchen houses all of the modern amenities, including a state-of-the-art stove hood and brushed metal appliances. The kitchen's uncluttered walls are made possible thanks to countless pull-out utility drawers.
Another quaint corner for reflection, this little wooden nook holds bookshelves and benches nearby to the fire. The floor's weathered herringbone pattern ties into the re-used bricks framing the fireplace.
The bathrooms continue the spacious, white theme, interpreting the original house's interior with modern simplicity.
The family's' living quarters are joined by a long hallway, reminiscent of an old homestead breezeway. This small detail reveals the open view from the upper story's foyer. 
With so much open space both inside and outside of Pendelton Farmhouse, this growing family will have plenty of breathing room without feeling like everyone is in too-close quarters.
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