Check out this classy retirement home in the California hills

California is known for its sustainable architecture movement and forward-thinking designers. But it's always admirable when a firm integrates new concepts so seamlessly with traditional sensibilities. Set among sprawling oak trees, this Arroyo Grande residence by Gast Architects resembles the farmhouses of the surrounding area. 
In reality, it's a classy retirement home that incorporates solar energy, passive cooling schemes and natural ventilation. Most of the living space is on the first level.
Standing on the hilltop, you can see the solar panels that provide the house with electricity. A narrow flight of stairs wings the terraced landscape and leads to the inner courtyard. This private space is shielded from the wind on all sides.
The open living space overlooks the courtyard on one side and the mountains on the other. Sliding glass-paned doors welcome the warm sunlight, but the high ceilings keep the house cool. 
The kitchen is just off to the right of the dining table. Peering over the stone countertop, you see vast amounts of counter space and several ovens. There's enough room to cook with the whole family and to set up for large social gatherings.
The private quarters are tucked away from the living area. Barn-style sliding doors are easy to open and conform to the house's sleek structure.
While most of the living space is downstairs, this modest stairway passes white-paneled walls on its way up. The giant paper light fixture adds an otherworldly touch.
The upstairs bedroom is serene with a blue color palette that matches the shadows on the hills and is softly aglow with paper lanterns.
This five-star bathroom also looks out on a small path around the property. Copious amounts of light come in through the windows, and the all-white-and-glass bathroom looks like a fresh summer's day.
If you're still looking for a spot to enjoy the view, try this one! Instead of facing the hills, this pagoda bench seat lets you admire the insides of the beautiful modern farmhouse.
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