The Green Mount Farmhouse is A Must-See

Located in the lushly green St. Stephen's Church, VA, the property known as Green Mount is an oasis situated on 85 acres of gorgeous country farmland. The centerpiece of this property is its main home, constructed circa 1775 and occupied by the historic and much-written-about Fleet family. 
In addition to its several outbuildings, including a two-car garage, storage shed, and equipment shed, Green Mount features four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms, and no less than ten fireplaces! Let's take a look at this historic gem of a farmhouse. 
Surrounded by lush greenery, this home provides an exquisite view of rural America from either its old-fashioned front porch or its colonial-style courtyard. 
Comfortable wooden benches and plush upholstered lounge chairs give this porch the feeling of a quintessential southern relaxation spot. Glass of sweet tea not included. 
One of the best qualities about Green Mount is the careful attention to styling and decor it has been paid over the years. While many original aspects of its architecture have been preserved and restored in order to maintain its historical character, this country home has also been given some fun, modern updates such as the bright pops of aqua that can be seen throughout the home. 
The doorways to the farmhouse's family room feature one-of-a-kind, intricate woodwork and surprising bursts of color. Here, the past and present meld effortlessly, to create a simply beautiful effect. 
Windows over the doors in Green Mount's living room create a space full of light. Antique cabinetry fits perfectly with the home's eighteenth century roots, while color is used to update and modernize this living space. 
Green Mount's kitchen is one of the most unique and special rooms in the home. Granite countertops and farmhouse-themes wrought-iron chairs combine practicality and whimsy. Perhaps the best element of the kitchen, however, is its collection of custom cabinetry which was created from wood sourced from the home itself. 
A classic four-poster bed is an elegant addition to Green Mount's master bedroom, which is similarly furnished with warm hardwoods. Simple finishing touches, such as antique lamps and upholstered chairs create a wonderful spot for reading a book or even just enjoying the view. 
 Rustic, country decor is used to great effect in the home's bathrooms. An antiqued finish on the mirror matched with a framed piece of ephemera work together to make these touches look intentional and polished while still capturing the essence of a rough-and-tumble country lifestyle. 
Green Mount is, at its heart, a piece of history with its roots deeply embedded in country life. Due to careful and thoughtful restoration, it has recaptured the essence of what it originally was: a home. 
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