Tour this Eclectic Ohio Farmhouse

When the time came to purchase a new home for the Wasserman family, Jessica and her husband, Ty, struggled to find something that truly fit their needs and wants. Luckily, Jess's father is a retired architect who was able to draw up the plans for their dream home. Coming from a family of architects and woodworkers, it is no surprise that Jess and Ty were able to construct a new home with that timeless appeal. 
Jessica carefully selected items, both secondhand and new, to introduce some character into her cozy farmhouse. For example, the master bath's 1920s clawfoot tub was a purchase from Craiglist.It had been meticulously maintained so that it could be installed with very little repairs. 
The kitchen sink and fireplace surround were also vintage finds.  Many of the rooms also feature a splash of color in the form of floral wallpaper.  These unexpected touches are what truly makes this home personal reflection of Jess and her growing family. 
This new kitchen retains that vintage aesthetic with thoughtful touches like a salvaged farmhouse sink.
To accent the nook where the dining table sits Jess installed a whimsical, tulip-patterned wallpaper in a neutral color palette.
Creamy-colored walls, white trim and plenty of windows keep this family room light and airy throughout the day.
Every aspect of this master bath, from the claw foot tub to the full-length drapes, exudes feminine glamour.
A comfortable queen bed, with plenty of cozy pillows and soft textiles, sits prettily between to large, open windows.
A citrine wallpaper acts as the backdrop for this floral bedroom with its pink bedding and creamy accents.
The nursery nook is filled with simplistic accents and even a touch of wallpaper, peeking out from the the panel of the crib.
Baseball is the theme of this boy's bedroom. The bedding, light fixture and even the corners of the bed frame display elements of America's pastime.
An tiny hideaway is transformed into a play area with some pint-sized furniture and accessories.
This office features a large workspace that has been centered in front of the room's large windows.  The location of the desk ensures that one can take full advantage of the view outside.
Even the laundry room gets a splash of color with a green and coral wallpaper.
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After a thoughtful remodel that garnered a NARI 2015 COTY Gold Award, the family now enjoys easy access to the full experience of their farm.
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