Check out this charming 1903 Indiana farmhouse

Located in Greendale, Indiana, this classic 1900s farmhouse includes many of its original features, making it a sort of time-capsule to its rich past. This historic home is full of gorgeous original woodwork, which can be seen everywhere from its tiger-striped oak staircase to its hardwood pocket doors. 
More charming and unique features of this country home include the butler's pantry with an old-fashioned ice box, a maid's staircase, and even a breathtaking stained-glass window. This American Traditional farmhouse is, without a doubt, a piece of history. 
The classic combination of blue and white gives this historic home a lovely exterior. The manicured lawn and spacious front porch make for an excellent spot to sit back, relax, and enjoy a beautiful day outside. 
The gleaming oak staircase features beautiful and ornate woodwork, making it sure to be a centerpiece of the home. The original wood floors throughout this home similarly highlight the skill and thought that went into its construction in 1903. 
This room features one of the three decorative fireplaces in this charming farmhouse. A bay window and high, ten-foot-tall ceilings make these rooms large and perfect for entertaining. 
The stained-glass windows in this home make it truly unique and one-of-a-kind. How many houses can say that they come with handmade pieces of art included?
A second bay window creates another room that is spacious and full of light. Wouldn't this be the perfect spot to curl up on a window bench with a good book?
The old ice-box featured in this traditional butler's pantry is a truly original part of this house that really reflects its historical character. What a great conversation piece for dinner parties!
A wood-burning stove can be found in this room, which also offers gorgeous views of the surrounding yard and countryside. This room could be the ideal spot to warm up after a cold winter's day spent playing in the snow!
The wide, open space of this additional floor makes it perfect for use as a recreation room or entertainment room. Filled with a pool table, couches, and a bar, this floor could become the site of many parties for years to come!
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