You'll be amazed at how modern this HGTV Green Home farmhouse is inside

Sitting on the side of a wooded hill near Atlanta, Georgia, this white farmhouse is anything but traditional. Kemp Hall Studio designed this fanciful fortress, which was named HGTV's Green Home of the Year in 2012.
This unique residence packs in 5 stories of carefully crafted interior design. However, unlike many modern abodes, this farmhouse offers an eclectic mixture of themes. Each room is its own surprise! Here's the flecked kitchen, which mixes wood and steel for an Italian-style feel.
Just off to the side is a rustic wooden table. The hanging pendulum lights and elegant orchid arrangement keep you in the 21st century.
The main living area pairs lime green with soothing blues and beige to refresh the senses. Some interesting elements include the framed floor-standing mirror and the dramatic curtains that waterfall down the far wall.
An expansive outdoor patio provides plenty of space for entertaining. This barbeque, however, will be much classier than a normal backyard cookout.
Now let's visit the bedrooms. This one throws together teals and browns in an antiquated beachy look. You can go outside to enjoy the weather on matching lounge chairs.
Here's a children's room. It has double the fun with a loft, a hanging bucket, and kitsch wall art.
Go through the side door to find twin office desks. This long, gallery-shaped room helps you get down to business with plenty of space and bright outside light.
This is one of the house's most elegant bathrooms. The flecked theme is revisited on the walls and counter tops, while the rest of the bathroom accessories amplify the room's luxury.
Here's the back door that leads you on to secret adventures up the hill.
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