8 cozy farmhouse bathrooms that look perfect for unwinding and relaxing in

Second to the kitchen, the bathroom is a crucial part of any home but is often drab and out of date. If you’ve got a country style home or are in the midst of revamping your home with farmhouse décor, then consider these ideas for your bathroom.
You’d be surprised what a few tweaks here or there can really do to transform your bathroom from a plain jane rest stop to a stunning, rustic haven.
1) Written on the Wall
One sure fire way to transform your bathroom is to cover a wall from top to bottom. Now, most people would immediately gravitate towards a wall covering such as wall paper or decals, but think outside the box and slap on some rustic boards.
2) Vanity Veto
Back in the day, there were no such thing as a vanity cabinet. You were lucky to have a wash basin set atop of an old table. Well, you can recreate that old farmhouse style look by using a repurposed table, cutting a hole in the top, and inserting the sink there.
3) Modern Country
Everything about this bathroom is breathtaking. From the marble tops to the white painted cabinets and event the way the made the doorway trim with a rustic finish. Absolutely stunning.
4) Repurposed Purpose
Talk about recycling! This old tin wash bin is now a DIY farmhouse sink with thick, ornate legs to support it. The trough style is fun and so is the pebbled floor of the stand up shower. Creativity at it’s finest.
5) Claw Foot Creation
You can’t truly have a farmhouse style bathroom without a claw foot bathtub. I mean, you can, but it just wouldn’t be the same. The simple monotone pallet of this bathroom is soft and subtle. The use of the tub in addition to the dainty shelf is perfection.
6) Shelves, Shelves, and More Shelves!
We all know how country style lovers adore showing off their stuff. You can turn everything into farmhouse décor with classy glass jars and wicker baskets. But utilizing the space around your tub to add shelves is the perfect way to show it all off.
7) Dress Up Dressers
Take two old low dressers or side tables and give them a new look with a rustic style paint job. Cut a hole into the tops to insert your sink and plumbing. Voila! Gorgeous country style double sinks with storage to boot.
8) Farmhouse Extreme
At first glance, you’d almost swear that this image is a vintage photograph. But it’s a rustic farmhouse bathroom in a modern day home. The heavy use of weathered and antique finishes really adds to the décor and the addition of the basin style sink, a shelf with hooks, and wall board on the tub surround really puts it over the edge.

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