8 country bedding ideas to make your bedroom cozy AND gorgeous

Bedding is what really makes the statement in a bedroom. You can set the tone and style with the right comforter or quilt and even the amount of pillows you use. Country style bedding can tend to be specific with it’s tropes of quilted patterns and floral prints. But with these 8 gorgeous country bedding ideas, you can incorporate them into your décor regardless if it’s country or not. Check them out and see for yourself!
1) Red with Envy
This gorgeous country style bedding is anchored with the heavy use of red. But with the addition of solid colors underneath it all, you can easily work this into any space.
2) Muted Tones
By using muted tones and a pale palette of colors, this farmhouse style bedding would create a soft touch to any bedroom. We still see the country influence by pulling in the striped pattern, but stripes can be found in just about any style.
3) Country by the Sea
We see tons of country touches here: buttons, stripes, gingham, and a quilted pattern. But they’re used in a modern way with a nautical color palette. It’s far too easy to fit this with other styles.
4) Mucho Monotone
This guest bedroom showcases simple country style bedding. But the white background is the perfect blank slate and sticking with monotone colors of various brown tones shows how you can still make it country at a second glance.
5) Delicate & Delightful
So by now we’ve determined that anyone can use country style bedding if you stick to a fairly neutral color palette. But there are other ways to dress it up with out color. Texture is your friend here. Soft plumes of gathered fabrics, plush pillows, and a visually pleasing throw blanket are simple gorgeous.
6) Modern Florals
For those of you who love a dash of color and aren’t afraid of prints, this country style bedroom has the right amount of modern touch. Still keeping with the traditional country details of scalloped edges, gingham, stripes, and flowers, this bedding can be used in a more contemporary setting without a problem.
7) Clean Country
A country style bedding doesn’t have to mean florals and poufy textures. Keep it simple, clean, and crisp like this one and you can easily use it in a more traditional or contemporary décor.
8) Coastal Influences
You don’t need to live by the sae to enjoy this gorgeous bedding. It’s comprised of two main colors, which you could mix up to your tastes, and is versatile enough to fit in other styles.

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