Modern farmhouse gives Millenials space for a flexible lifestyle

Flexibility in life calls for flexibility in living space. You could term it "Rebuilding the American Dream," as forward-thinking designers are creating new concepts in housing to serve an up-and-coming generation of entrepreneurs and innovators. 
This house, unveiled by the TriPoint Group in January of 2016, is a contemporary farmhouse in Nevada that's built especially for Millenials. There are suites to accommodate multi-generational families or to rent out, and a wide outdoor patio to relax and entertain on. Here's a view of the lofted interiors, which mix wood, white, and very modern furniture by Bobby Berk Home.
The large, spacious kitchen makes space for many people to prepare their meals at the same time. And because it's part of an open floor plan, people can congregate around the large island for party time or pull up a stool for a quick bite.
Here's a smaller, more intimate breakfast nook. It's located in the busy space between the stairs, kitchen, and patio, so you can expect this dining table to serve meals for people on the go.
The upstairs is flowing and free. Windows let in light from all angles, and angular profiles create a modern, artistic ambiance.
The master bedroom is usually designed to reflect the quieter personality of the house owner(s). This one contrasts rustic sensibilities with ultra-chic accessories.
Wooden floors pave the master bath, but white subway  tiles line the walls. The panelled, glass shower enclosure and black fittings create the urban ambiance you might expect from a generation of innovators.
An upstairs bedroom is its own private living space, perfect for guests, teenagers, or a multi-generational family. This suite includes a small kitchenette and bathroom.
It's party time outside. Here's a place to enjoy the warm summer evenings but have easy access to the kitchen and inside living areas. It's also a lot easier to maintain a large patio than the keep a large yard looking good!
As the Millenial generation transitions into family life, you can expect to see many more houses incorporate the flexibility and low-maintenance designs of this contemporary farmhouse. 
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