Steal some artistic ideas from this luxurious California farmhouse

Come on in, the water is fine! And where better to enjoy the sunny sky than from a large lap pool on a private San Fransisco estate? Designed by SDG Architecture, the Triple L House is an artistic interpretation of modern farmhouse vernacular.
Just walk down the flagstone path through the oak trees, past a circular fountain, and through the sliding barn doors. If you haven't already had enough time to admire the outdoors, don't worry--the oversized windows on every face of the house give you clear views of the greenery.
While steel rods frame the split levels of the living room, the architects used salvaged wooden planks purely as lining for the interior of the top story. The hanging globe lights look beautiful against the backdrop of the open sky.
Here's the dining room. Wooden floors, iron and stained glass astrolabe fixtures, and antler candle holders make this space look very artsy. 
The kitchen is clean and simple white, with terra cotta and cornflower blue accents that tie it into the rest of the house.
An old silo finds a friend in the new building.
Here's an inconspicuous side entrance that provides access between the main house and the outdoor shed. The family dog has found a shady place here to beat the heat.
Here's a rustic home office-cum-sitting room that feels like a wilderness retreat. The unusual glass-paneled wall opens up like a garage door to let nature in.
Instead of calling this shabby chic, let's create a new term: rustic glam. The modern fittings and slab countertops add picture-perfect style to this bathroom.
Another hint of vintage style and a bit of humor signal the laid-back atmosphere in this grooming area, the place to get ready for a trail ride. 
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